A Great Alternative to the Traditional Garden House!

These contemporary-style prefabricated element buildings with a Scandinavian look and quality are most suitable for a city garden or any other garden that lacks strong, weather-resistant buildings where you can be with your family and friends. Palmako Nordic and Nordic+ Houses and Garages represent the most modern and innovative pre-fabricated house models. 

Ready-made wall elements are covered with wind-protection plastic inside, making these houses extremely weatherproof, especially rain and wind resistant. All the houses have double thermo glazing and outwards-opening windows. These models have 40 mm EPS (expanded polystyrene) insulated doors.

Nordic Houses

In order to hide cabling (wires, pipes, etc.) there is internal wall-cladding and there is also opportunity for 70 mm insulation. 

Nordic+ Houses

It is comfortable to be in a building when it is warm - Palmako has thought about it and given you an opportunity for 95 mm insulation. You can insulate walls, floors and ceilings. For better house ventilation, ventilation battens have been added after cladding. 


Nordic element

Total element thickness 88 mm

  1. 34x70 mm frame
  2. Wind-protection plastic
  3. 18 mm fine sawn cladding

Insulated door for Nordic and Nordic+ houses

  1. Plywood 10mm
  2. Plywood 10mm
  3. EPS 50 40mm insulation
  4. Wooden skeleton 40x40mm
  5. Wooden laminated frame 44x105mm
  6. Hard wood 28x93mm threshold
  7. Hinge 115x84x3mm (3x)
  8. 565 lock and lock box

Nordic+ element

Total element thickness 160 mm

  1. 44x95 mm frame
  2. Wind-protection plastic
  3. 19x45 mm ventilation battens
  4. 28x70 mm cladding support battens
  5. 18 mm fine sawn cladding