How to buy from the online shop?


How to buy from the online shop?

Creating a user account or logging in is not required to use Palmako’s online shop. Shopping in our online shop is easy. Should you have any questions while shopping in the online shop or wish to provide feedback, please write to or call us on 735 5116 weekdays from 09:00-17:00.

Choosing goods and comparing products

You can search, sort, filter and compare products while choosing goods in the online shop.

Searching for products

If you wish to find a specific product, choose a suitable category from the Products menu or set the filter to correspond to the desired parameters. Products matching the category or filtering criteria are displayed on the screen by 48 products per page. Select the page number at the bottom of the page or click on the arrows to view the next page of products.
If you know the name of the product, you can use the search box on the top bar to find the product faster.

Product comparison

Click on the comparison arrows next to a product to compare products. Find the next products and press the appropriate button for these products. As each product is added, the number of products added for comparison is shown in the upper right-hand corner next to the Product Comparison icon. After that, open the Product Comparison page in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Four products can be displayed at a time. To remove products from comparison, click on the X icon under the image of the desired product in the Product Comparison view. You can print out the comparison or send it to your own or a friend's e-mail address.

Product information

Clicking on a product image or name will open a detailed product sheet. By clicking on the arrows below the product photo, you can see the image gallery, floor plan and other visual material for the product. Technical specifications of the product, dimensions, characteristics, installation information, etc. are provided in the table below the image. Treatment options and optional products are displayed in the right-hand column with the required quantities and prices. Hovering the mouse over the i-icon will open a small separate window containing the description of the optional product. You can also add the product or optional product to your shopping basket from the right-hand column by clicking on the “+” and “–” buttons.

Adding goods to your shopping basket

Once you have found the product you're looking for from the product list, click on the shopping basket icon or product image displayed under the product name. Clicking on the product image will open the product page containing detailed product information. When in the product information view, you will see the “Add Product to Shopping Basket” section in the right-hand column. Press the “+” sign next to the desired main product, select any optional products you want to add and press the “Add to Basket” button below. You can view the contents of your shopping basket and proceed to the checkout by pressing the shopping basket icon in the header at the top.

Placing the order and making the purchase

You will see the details of your order in the first shopping basket step, “Order Overview”. You can still add or remove optional products during this step by pressing the “+” and “–” buttons, change the treatment options for the main product or optional products and remove products from the shopping basket if you have changed your mind.

You must provide your accurate delivery address, your name (first name and surname) and contact details (e-mail address and phone number) in the contact and delivery information step. We also offer the possibility to come and collect your goods from Kavastu, Tartu County. You can pick up your goods in Kavastu Monday to Thursday from 09:00-20:00. Be sure to review the information in the “Delivery time and shipping” chapter of the “Shopping information” section regarding delivery times, the particulars of the packaging and transport conditions.

You can also get an invoice for a company, if desired.

After entering your contact and delivery details, you will see the contents of your shopping basket once again in the “Confirm order” step before proceeding to payment. Check that the order is correct and that everything you want is listed. If the contents of your shopping basket are as you wish them to be, click on “Next” and proceed to payment.

Finally, press the Next button and proceed to pay for your order.


Select the payment method in the “Payment options” step. We currently offer the possibility to pay online for the customers of SEB, Swedbank and Luminor Bank. You can also pay for the goods using a credit card or prepayment invoice (the “Pay by prepayment invoice” option). The latter will be sent to the e-mail address provided in the order. Be sure to read the general terms and conditions of the online shop and indicate that you accept them, otherwise you will not be able to complete the purchase. If you choose a bank link, you will be redirected to the corresponding online bank. Be sure to press the “Back to Merchant” button after making the payment. It is also possible to pay for our products in instalments, if desired. You can find more detailed information on this in the “Payment by instalments” section under Shopping Information.

Order confirmation

After making the payment or requesting a prepayment invoice, the order confirmation is sent to the buyer's e-mail address and the vendor is also informed. The vendor will contact the buyer at the latest within five working days after performing the purchase in the online shop to specify the delivery details.