You can find a suitable house for every purpose from Palmako’s product range: practical and simple tool sheds, children’s playhouses, romantic and cosy pavilions and grill houses, carports, garages and, of course, garden houses in their most classical sense as storage facilities or as an additional cosy space for the family or guests. For owners of small gardens needing a shed for storing tools or firewood, we have added easy-to-install sheds made of pre-fab elements to our range. When deciding, take the purpose of the house as a basis; select a suitable ground plan and design. Wall thicknesses have been designed according to the size and purpose of the house. Palmako has kept in mind above all the maximum ease of use and functionality, not the lowest price.

Wood is known as a sturdy, natural building material and renewable resource. It has a great impact on the atmosphere inside the house and especially on the moisture balance, plus it is an excellent noise-absorbing material. Practical experience shows that people feel good in a house where a lot of wood has been used in the construction. Wooden houses are highly valued because of their cosy, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.

Take note of the quality of doors and windows: many of the houses of Palmako have practical door sills – low and covered with metal. Windows opening to the inside mostly use the turn-tilt system and higher quality doors and windows have double glazing, rubber gaskets and metal water drips.
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