How do I buy from the online shop?

The process of buying from our online shop is described in detail in the “How to buy from the online shop” section under Shopping Information. Should you still have any questions while shopping or wish to provide us feedback on the online shop, please write to pood@palmako.ee.

How much does a garden house cost?

The price is displayed for each product. All prices in our online shop are provided inclusive of VAT. All accessories needed for installation are usually included in the house set. The price provided for a house does not include any optional products (roofing material, gutter channels, etc.). These can be added to the order, if desired.

How do I know which optional products are suitable for my garden house?

Optional products suitable for a specific product are shown for each product with the correct quantities. For most houses you can buy roofing material (roofing felt, shingles, EPDM), gutter channels and decking. In addition, canopies, side sheds, extra doors and windows are available. Some houses have no floors, but the floor can be bought optionally, if desired.

Why is roofing material usually not included in a garden house set?

We value our customers' freedom to choose the type of roofing they want for their garden house or other product. This often depends on the roofing material of their main building. Garden houses can be covered with roofing felt, shingle/honeycomb roofing (not suitable for flat roofs and roofs with a pitch below 15°), roofing sheets or, if desired, roof tiles.

Why do some houses not have a floor?

Floorless garden houses are models originally developed for the French market, as the French prefer using stone slabs instead of wooden floors. Therefore, the floor is not included in the house set and you can buy floor boards with treated foundation joists as an optional product.

How are the goods delivered?

You cannot fit a garden houses in a parcel machine, so they can be considered special products in that sense. The houses are neatly packed, but a single package can be up to 6 metres long and weigh several tonnes. As we have long-term experience in transporting house packages, we recommend that you order shipping of goods from our online shop with the product. The delivery time and shipping are described in more detail in the Shopping Information menu section.

What are the requirements for the foundation?

Before installing the house, you must provide a flat base or foundation for it that corresponds to the dimensions of the house you have purchased. Depending on the size and weight of the house, it can be installed on lightweight concrete blocks, stone parquet, concrete slabs or a slab foundation of cast concrete. The better levelled the surface, the easier it is to install the house. In the case of larger houses, consideration should also be given to whether electricity, water, sewerage and other utilities are to be brought into the house, and if so, where.

How to maintain my garden house?

Most of the products available in Palmako's online shop (except foundation joists for houses, playgrounds, fence panels and gardening products) are unfinished and highly susceptible to weathering. The initial appearance of a house can be affected by sunlight, rain and snow. To ensure the long service life of your wooden product, it must first be treated with a wood preservative that can be bought from any construction material or paint shop. Ask the professionals in these shops for advice! After that, you can finish your house according to your wishes with either a full-coating wood paint or glaze paint. Product finishing is described in more detail in the “Use of the products” sub-section under Shopping Information.
See also: https://www.palmako.ee/en/maintenance-treatment

How do I install the garden house?

Palmako’s products are easy to assemble and install; everyone should be capable of doing it. All products come with a detailed instruction manual with drawings. It is, however, a good idea to ask a friend to help you and install the house together. You will mostly need the following tools: a tape measure, a level, a hammer, a power drill (for tightening the screws and drilling), a saw and a ladder. Installing the roof covering is easier using a staple gun.
See also: https://www.palmako.ee/en/assembly

Does Palmako offer house installation services?

Palmako’s houses are easy to install; everyone should be able to do it. However, if you still wish to order the installation service, please ask our partners for a quote:
Inwood OÜ, phone +372 5308 7510, martin.kabral@gmail.com
Saunasmile OÜ, phone +372 5782 6060, sales@saunasmile.ee
A&H Ristpalkmajad OÜ, phone +372 511 6149, ristpalk@ristpalk.ee

How do I know whether the product I want to buy is available in stock?

Palmako is a large manufacturer and all the products we offer in our online shop are in stock year round. We guarantee delivery of the houses to the buyer within four weeks of the purchase performed in the online shop and the receipt of money in our account.

Can I return a purchased product?

Even though our products are large and heavy, there is a 14-day right of withdrawal for goods purchased from Palmako’s online shop. Return of products is described in more detail in the “14 days' trial period” sub-section under Shopping Information.

Where can I get more information or assistance?

You can write to us with any concerns or problems at pood@palmako.ee, Skype us or call 735 5116 weekdays from 09:00-17:00. All contact details are provided in the online shop in an information box located in the bottom right-hand corner and under the Contact menu option.